Monday, November 19, 2012

Our weekend =)

On Friday we decided to have a romantic dinner at the restaurant near to our home that we have already planned to visit for half a year. It is the Asian cuisine restaurant called Riis (rice in Estonian).
The place is very cosy, with a relaxing and pretty romantic atmosphere. But its main advantage is food!
I had some noodles with shrimps and Alex had a sweet&sour pork for the main course; and Alex had fried banana with ice cream and I had delicious sweet spring-rolls stuffed with apples and vanilla sauce as a desert. Everything was very tasty!
Unfortunately,we only managed to take some pictures before going out, which turned out to be not so good,yeah,pretty poor quality (we are new at using lenses) and didn't take our camera with us, as it is onew and we currently have no purse for it. =(

On Saturday and Sunday we visited our parents and grandparents as usually. And as usually had great time with our beloved ones!

The only sad thing is that I am having some pain in my knee because of running and stuff, so I can't have almost any physical activities =( Hope it will get well soon!!!

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