Saturday, November 16, 2013


In the end of the October month Alex,Lion,my mum and I had a little nice cruise to Stockholm!
We had spent one night on the board of the ship, then we had some great time in Stockholm and then again one night back on the ship.
Everything was great, although the trip was rather tiring,as it is not that easy to travel with a toddler =)
I find Stockholm so beautiful and just a must place to visit! It's such a pity I have visited it only twice, and I would be more than happy to spent not one day but at least a weekend there some time =) 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Tallinn ZOO

Finally, we have visited the Zoo in our town!
We had been thinking of doing this for the whole summer =))))
It was rather cold,so there were no crowds of visitors - such an advantage. And the time of our walk was chosen really well,as we were able to see a lot of animals,they were not sleeping, as it had always happened with me and Alex before.
I love animals very much and were so so glad to see them, but I feel sooo sorry for them at the same time! It must be so horrible to have no freedom! So I wouldn't be very sad, if there were no Zoos at all.
Lion liked bears and sea lions most of all =)

Sunday, September 22, 2013


One day we decided to make a little trip to Turku to see an exhibition of antique cars and to walk in the city.
We had a great time! The cars were absolutely awesome! I fell in love with the white 1935 Studebaker,love everything what's white =D And Alex is thinking about getting an vintage hot car some day now =)))))
This is the dress I wrote about in the previous post =)

Alex liked this one very much =)

Me+Lion+Aura river in Turku

My two little baby brothers! Love them! =)

Sunday, September 15, 2013


This Monday we returned home from an amazing little trip to Finland where we visited my dad and family :) had such a great time there!
Lots of fun,laugh,sleep =)))) ,walks, sunbathing,sauna and good food - that's how we spent our holidays!
We had a really stressful morning the day we left,so I forgot my camera at home =( All pictures are taken by my iPhone,the quality is super poor..

I was really happy to see that gorgeous view again! And this time we also enjoyed another beautiful view of dad's yard every morning when having a breakfast =)

Little shopping! I bought a dress from HM, an Inglot duo lipgloss, HM shoes for Lion and Alex got me a new tangle teezer brush =)


Me+ my boys going up the stairs

flowers in the yard =)


Monday, September 2, 2013

The 29th of August -Happy Birthday to me! =)

That day was so wonderful! Full of presents,surprises,laugh,smiles and happiness,of course!
I am so lucky to have so many beautiful kind people around me! Love them very much!
my very special,happy and sweet birthday morning! Feeling awesome =)

Calvin Klein dress with the belt - one of the presents from my parents //Cesare Paciotti heels (in love with them!!!)

I love white roses! =) anything what is white, to be honest =)))))

Our cat Chief was curious what Swarovski present I had got from Alex's sister's family =)))) Actually, he was really interested in playing with the flowers =)))

My Birthday cake made by me again =)) And again it was very tasty =) Very modest of me..again =))

Love this beautiful Swarovski key ring!

Happy hippo =)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, my dear husband!

I really love this day, the 21st of August! It is the day He was born 25 years ago.
We all had a great time! In the morning I made a little surprise for my man - a Birthday breakfast-picnic in the park. Sunshine,nature,tasty food,lovely people and good mood -everything was just perfect!

Our little picnic! =)

hubby usagi

mmm yummy cupcakes and tartalletes!

Everything was very tasty! Especially freshly baked berry muffins and croissants!

And in the evening we had a Birthday dinner at Alex's parents place.
I have already told how I love it when we gather all together and have a great time!
Alex's dad cooked the food and everything was delicious! I brought the cake I made the day earlier with us. It is not good to say so, but it was really yummy! =)))