Friday, September 27, 2013

Tallinn ZOO

Finally, we have visited the Zoo in our town!
We had been thinking of doing this for the whole summer =))))
It was rather cold,so there were no crowds of visitors - such an advantage. And the time of our walk was chosen really well,as we were able to see a lot of animals,they were not sleeping, as it had always happened with me and Alex before.
I love animals very much and were so so glad to see them, but I feel sooo sorry for them at the same time! It must be so horrible to have no freedom! So I wouldn't be very sad, if there were no Zoos at all.
Lion liked bears and sea lions most of all =)

1 comment:

  1. когда была в Киеве, в первый раз была в зоопарке))
    хоть и зверушки такие красивые,но мне их тоже было до ужаса жалко((( Им же в этих клетках так скучно(((
    теперь о хорошем! выглядишь просто превосходно!! )))