Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas market

Merry Christmas!
On Friday we decided to have a small morning walk in the Old town and visit the Christmas market. It was freezing outside, really cold! So our walk turned out to be very fast. Lion liked reindeer so much! They were very cute, love these beautiful animals! 
Here are some pictures:

bidrie cutie

gorgeous reindeer! ♥
Tallin Town Hall Square

Global accessories hat//Louis Vuitton Speedy30 bag//mittens - gift from my grandpa =)
Versace JC jeans//Ugg Australia boots//

I was planning to upload some Christmas tree/decorations pictures too today, but Lion and me got totally sick =(
Now I am sitting/lying in my bed,eating fruit,gingerbread and almond cookies and feeling bad. 
But no complaining. Next time some more photos.
Happy holidays,everyone! =)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Advent time! =)

In Estonia during the Advent time - several weeks before Christmas, children put their slippers on the window sill to receive some little presents or sweets, which are believed to be brought by elves. This year I also had a slipper hanging, so my beloved elf (husband =)))) ) brought me lots of surprises!
I have been wanting the Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT since I saw it in a magazine,as it looked so beautiful and feminine. After testing it, my love for it increased!
The TheBodyShop hand cream is really good too!Especially, since it is so cold in Tallinn. I use it everyday,so my hands are soft and do not suffer from the weather!Yay! =)

Happy me! =D

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy hand cream

The Body Shop presents

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas shopping!

We are having a small Christmas tree this year again. Our big tree's decorations are too big,so ,although we already have some beautiful stuff from the last year (when we also had a small tree), we decided to buy some more new ones! =)
Sleepy me, talking some stuff again =)))
I was looking for some dainty decorations that day. And we ended up with buying these:

Cutie bear! Couldn't resist buying it!

Little birdies

Little snowflake from the back

...and from the front

the white birdie has a broken beak and the gold one a broken tail, poor things =( but they have their new home now! =)

After our little shopping we had a nice breakfast in the Reval cafe.I had a chicken wrap, Alex had some chocolate cake and Lion had a simple little bun. It was snowing hard outside, so it was so good to sit near the window and watch the snow falling, while enjoying our meal. It felt cosy! =)

Monday, December 3, 2012

My favorite products from the Chirstmas Dior Grand Bal collection

Since I saw the Dior Grand Ball Christmas makeup collection I have been dreaming about getting a set consisting of a lipstick and a nail polish in "Lady" color.
I got a nail polish as a little treat from Alex in November (this is the thing I wrote about in my post from the 3d of November))) and today I finally got the matching lipstick!
Dior Grand Bal Rouge Diorific Lady

Dior Grand Bal Lipstick Lady

Dior Grand Bal Lady Rouge #039
Dior Grand Bal Lady Vernis 011
Dior Grand Bal Lady Lipstick and Lady nail polish
These make up products are so beautiful both the package and the color!Can't wait to wear them together =)