Friday, September 27, 2013

Tallinn ZOO

Finally, we have visited the Zoo in our town!
We had been thinking of doing this for the whole summer =))))
It was rather cold,so there were no crowds of visitors - such an advantage. And the time of our walk was chosen really well,as we were able to see a lot of animals,they were not sleeping, as it had always happened with me and Alex before.
I love animals very much and were so so glad to see them, but I feel sooo sorry for them at the same time! It must be so horrible to have no freedom! So I wouldn't be very sad, if there were no Zoos at all.
Lion liked bears and sea lions most of all =)

Sunday, September 22, 2013


One day we decided to make a little trip to Turku to see an exhibition of antique cars and to walk in the city.
We had a great time! The cars were absolutely awesome! I fell in love with the white 1935 Studebaker,love everything what's white =D And Alex is thinking about getting an vintage hot car some day now =)))))
This is the dress I wrote about in the previous post =)

Alex liked this one very much =)

Me+Lion+Aura river in Turku

My two little baby brothers! Love them! =)

Sunday, September 15, 2013


This Monday we returned home from an amazing little trip to Finland where we visited my dad and family :) had such a great time there!
Lots of fun,laugh,sleep =)))) ,walks, sunbathing,sauna and good food - that's how we spent our holidays!
We had a really stressful morning the day we left,so I forgot my camera at home =( All pictures are taken by my iPhone,the quality is super poor..

I was really happy to see that gorgeous view again! And this time we also enjoyed another beautiful view of dad's yard every morning when having a breakfast =)

Little shopping! I bought a dress from HM, an Inglot duo lipgloss, HM shoes for Lion and Alex got me a new tangle teezer brush =)


Me+ my boys going up the stairs

flowers in the yard =)


Monday, September 2, 2013

The 29th of August -Happy Birthday to me! =)

That day was so wonderful! Full of presents,surprises,laugh,smiles and happiness,of course!
I am so lucky to have so many beautiful kind people around me! Love them very much!
my very special,happy and sweet birthday morning! Feeling awesome =)

Calvin Klein dress with the belt - one of the presents from my parents //Cesare Paciotti heels (in love with them!!!)

I love white roses! =) anything what is white, to be honest =)))))

Our cat Chief was curious what Swarovski present I had got from Alex's sister's family =)))) Actually, he was really interested in playing with the flowers =)))

My Birthday cake made by me again =)) And again it was very tasty =) Very modest of me..again =))

Love this beautiful Swarovski key ring!

Happy hippo =)