Monday, September 2, 2013

The 29th of August -Happy Birthday to me! =)

That day was so wonderful! Full of presents,surprises,laugh,smiles and happiness,of course!
I am so lucky to have so many beautiful kind people around me! Love them very much!
my very special,happy and sweet birthday morning! Feeling awesome =)

Calvin Klein dress with the belt - one of the presents from my parents //Cesare Paciotti heels (in love with them!!!)

I love white roses! =) anything what is white, to be honest =)))))

Our cat Chief was curious what Swarovski present I had got from Alex's sister's family =)))) Actually, he was really interested in playing with the flowers =)))

My Birthday cake made by me again =)) And again it was very tasty =) Very modest of me..again =))

Love this beautiful Swarovski key ring!

Happy hippo =)

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