Saturday, April 26, 2014

St. Valentine's Day

I have planned to make the post a bit earlier, time flies so fast sometimes =)))
But who cares it is so late now, so here they are - some pictures of our romantic dinner.
The restaurant DOM,located in the old town part of Tallinn,was great: nice atmosphere, lovely design and excellent food. Loved the starter,prawns, so much! And the main course, fish, was yummy too.
I think I can totally recommend the place =)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Suomi trip

We had a nice little trip to Finland to see my dad and family this February.
Had a nice time there.Were really waiting for some snow and winter to be coming,but it never happened though. Actually there was some "snowish" thing going on outside and cheering us up one evening, but in the morning it was all gone. Sad story,haha =))
I was very glad to see my two little brothers, they grow soooo fast! Every time we come, they have already got bigger and have changed a lot! Love them! Lion loves to play with them (now that they have PS he is fond of being in their room too)))).
We didn't take many pictures this time. Here are some pics taken on one of our walks near their back yard:this place is awesome, a little forest and some rocks. Love finnish nature so much, it is beautiful and brings me peace,joy and harmony =)
P.S. the boy wearing the blue jacket is one of my brothers, Oliver ;))