Monday, November 19, 2012

Our weekend =)

On Friday we decided to have a romantic dinner at the restaurant near to our home that we have already planned to visit for half a year. It is the Asian cuisine restaurant called Riis (rice in Estonian).
The place is very cosy, with a relaxing and pretty romantic atmosphere. But its main advantage is food!
I had some noodles with shrimps and Alex had a sweet&sour pork for the main course; and Alex had fried banana with ice cream and I had delicious sweet spring-rolls stuffed with apples and vanilla sauce as a desert. Everything was very tasty!
Unfortunately,we only managed to take some pictures before going out, which turned out to be not so good,yeah,pretty poor quality (we are new at using lenses) and didn't take our camera with us, as it is onew and we currently have no purse for it. =(

On Saturday and Sunday we visited our parents and grandparents as usually. And as usually had great time with our beloved ones!

The only sad thing is that I am having some pain in my knee because of running and stuff, so I can't have almost any physical activities =( Hope it will get well soon!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

My other important package :)

I was really looking forward to getting this parcel,as I was almost done with my Clarins energizing cream-gel( for normal/combination skin). But this time I ordered an energizing cream (together with a set in a vanity case) which I have already tried in winter-spring (the last year). I find it more suitable for cold times, as in winter my skin tends to need more moisture and nourishment.
I also bought a new concealer stick, which is really nice for correcting the under eye area as well as some redness on the rest of the face.
And the pleasant thing was,that I also got a little present from "feelunique" for buying 2 Clarins products at a time - this beautiful eyeshadow palette! I am very glad to have it,these colors are gorgeous!Love them :)

Clarins Daily Energizers, Clarins Concealer Stick in Shade 01

Clarins Concealer Stick, Clarins Eyeshadow palette

Clarins eyeshadow palette (3 mono eyeshadows), Clarins Concealer

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My new loves ♥

And finally yesterday I received one very important package from UPS and one very important call from Monton store!
Feeling very happy to have these things at their new home(in my wardrobe)now! :)
Acne Canada Grey Melange 
Monton sweater =)
When I decided to buy the scarf it was out of stock! I thought I would not be able to purchase it until something like Christmas )))) Yeah, I know, kinda stupid of me, but I usually do panic way too much all the time when something goes not the way I have planned)))

And I was very happy to get the sweater, as by the day I finally reached the store all the S-sized sweaters had been sold out everywhere in Tallinn! I don't know if it is true or not, but the saleslady (who was very kind and helpful) told me she had ordered the last S-sized one in Estonia to be brought for me from the other town!
The cool thing is that I wasn't planning to go to that store that day,as the weather was awful ))) It was just a coincidence or should I call it "luck" ? :)))

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cretan shopping

When planning our holidays we checked what we should look for in Greece through internet and by asking relatives as well. And a lot of people were really satisfied with products made with the usage of the olive oil. This oil has been a trusted skin care ingredient since ancient times and has been used as a common folk beauty product for ages and ages. Besides, it doesn't clog pores. So I was really interested in buying and trying some skin care products.
In our hotel I fell in love with the Olivia shower gel, which was given in a mini version. So I bought it in a full size in the local store. Love it very much! I also decided to try Olivia body oil. And it turned out to be the best product ever! So good! The only bad thing is that I only bought one bottle! Very stupid of me =(
mini Olivia products in out hotel
the products I bought (the face Olivelia cream is for my mum by the way, she absolutely loves it!)
 And that is how I like using the oil - with a little companion Victoria's Secret Body Mist, that has an incredible scent! Just LOVE the way they feel and smell on me together! =)
♥ Olivia body oil and Victoria's Secret body mist Secret Charm 
I also bought lots of soap bars for myself and as a souvenirs, but didn't make a photo of them for some reason)))))

And here are some other things bought in Heraklion from Zara, Oysho (how I wish we had that store here in Estonia!) and GAP baby.
OYSHO PJ set with Snoopy and my cute warm home socks
Lion's new GAP sweater with the little bear on it -so cute!

Lion's cool jacket =)
And some clothes for me too =)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sushi sushi :) ♥♥♥

I guess almost everyone I know loves sushi :))) My husband and I are not an exception!
So we decided to have a lunch at the sushi restaurant on our last full day in Crete.
I really liked the Wakame salad.I am super in love with seaweed salads! My favorite is the Chuka Wakame one and the best way to eat it, in my opinion ,is when it is served with the horseradish dressing and a piece of lemon :) So for me, it would have been much tastier with these things, but liked it anyway :)))
Sushi were pretty tasty too. But not the best I have ever tried.Alex said my homemade sushi were better (and that was very pleasant to hear, by the way).Not very modest of me, but I think so too :))))))

Wakame salad  and sushi

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My hair and Christmas

Yesterday I had my hair colored. I wanted the color to be a bit lighter,than I had before,and it turned out really good!
I think I want to be blonde again, but the other shade of blonde. The color I had the last time I've been blond (in the spring) was really orangey, so now together with the highlights,I have to dye the whole hair in my natural color - ash blonde, to neutralize this undertone =(
Now it looks like I only have my natural color + some highlights done!Love it =)

Don't know if anything can be seen or understood through these pictures taken in a hurry by really tired people, but still, something ,at least)))

Today we had a small Christmas shopping! I love LOVE Christmas,and it is one of my favorite holidays! So I had a fantastic mood in the mall =)))) I also got something from Alex, so unexpected! But will show it later.

In the evening Alex brought me a little treat from his father - an advent huge chocolate calendar, which I had been wishing for for a couple of years already! =) I love Mozart chocolates and marzipan)))

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some random pics

It is so cold today! And it's not all because of the low temperature or something, but because of the crazy freezing wind!
Lion attended his first lesson at the art class today!yay! It's was very interesting and exciting! He made his first present for Father's Day - a picture which he had drawn using starch,groats, sour cream,food paint and some berries. :) We are totally looking forward to going there next week.
Now, here are some just random photos from our Cretan holidays again :)))