Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My new loves ♥

And finally yesterday I received one very important package from UPS and one very important call from Monton store!
Feeling very happy to have these things at their new home(in my wardrobe)now! :)
Acne Canada Grey Melange 
Monton sweater =)
When I decided to buy the scarf it was out of stock! I thought I would not be able to purchase it until something like Christmas )))) Yeah, I know, kinda stupid of me, but I usually do panic way too much all the time when something goes not the way I have planned)))

And I was very happy to get the sweater, as by the day I finally reached the store all the S-sized sweaters had been sold out everywhere in Tallinn! I don't know if it is true or not, but the saleslady (who was very kind and helpful) told me she had ordered the last S-sized one in Estonia to be brought for me from the other town!
The cool thing is that I wasn't planning to go to that store that day,as the weather was awful ))) It was just a coincidence or should I call it "luck" ? :)))

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