Saturday, November 3, 2012

My hair and Christmas

Yesterday I had my hair colored. I wanted the color to be a bit lighter,than I had before,and it turned out really good!
I think I want to be blonde again, but the other shade of blonde. The color I had the last time I've been blond (in the spring) was really orangey, so now together with the highlights,I have to dye the whole hair in my natural color - ash blonde, to neutralize this undertone =(
Now it looks like I only have my natural color + some highlights done!Love it =)

Don't know if anything can be seen or understood through these pictures taken in a hurry by really tired people, but still, something ,at least)))

Today we had a small Christmas shopping! I love LOVE Christmas,and it is one of my favorite holidays! So I had a fantastic mood in the mall =)))) I also got something from Alex, so unexpected! But will show it later.

In the evening Alex brought me a little treat from his father - an advent huge chocolate calendar, which I had been wishing for for a couple of years already! =) I love Mozart chocolates and marzipan)))

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