Friday, November 16, 2012

My other important package :)

I was really looking forward to getting this parcel,as I was almost done with my Clarins energizing cream-gel( for normal/combination skin). But this time I ordered an energizing cream (together with a set in a vanity case) which I have already tried in winter-spring (the last year). I find it more suitable for cold times, as in winter my skin tends to need more moisture and nourishment.
I also bought a new concealer stick, which is really nice for correcting the under eye area as well as some redness on the rest of the face.
And the pleasant thing was,that I also got a little present from "feelunique" for buying 2 Clarins products at a time - this beautiful eyeshadow palette! I am very glad to have it,these colors are gorgeous!Love them :)

Clarins Daily Energizers, Clarins Concealer Stick in Shade 01

Clarins Concealer Stick, Clarins Eyeshadow palette

Clarins eyeshadow palette (3 mono eyeshadows), Clarins Concealer

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