Saturday, September 29, 2012

29.09. - 30.09.2012 =)

On weekends we usually visit our parents,grandparents and other relatives. Or, sometimes, they come to see us. This or that way we gather together no matter where, to see each other, to chat, to laugh and to eat some good food =)
Yesterday we spent our evening with my husband's sister and her family! It was really good! Lion played with two sweetest girls (with his cousins),so cute and funny. First, he was kinda timid, but then he played with their toys, watched their guinea pigs, ran everywhere, laughed and became very curious))
Today in the evening we went to see my grandparents. We had a delicious meal and watched some old photos, which I just love doing! Especially when it is done all together =) Oh, and we ate some tasty watermelon too! Lion also got several pieces.
Funny me, I should sometimes know when it's time to stop takling))))
ASOS cardigan//Burberry jacket//
Liu Jo jeans//Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon shoes//
D&G Lily Glam bag//

Tomorrow we are planning to have a small walk and see Alex's parents, they have already invited us to come for dinner =)

Thursday, September 27, 2012


...I looked like this =)
Esprit top//BOSS Hugo Boss leather jacket//JOOP! scarf//ASOS necklace//
Guess jeans//Dinsko sneakers//Mulberry oversized Alexa bag//

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today's shopping

It was a rather lovely? weather today.
So in the evening we decided to have a walk and a small shopping in a shopping mall. I was looking for some stuff, but nothing of those things was found. But still, I got a piece of jewelry, which I fell in love with! I have been considering to buy something like that, but didn't expect it to happen today,though))
We had a nice walk, although it was dark. But not too cold, so really good =)
Don't be shocked)))Just need to find a good pair of trousers and a perfect sweater for this baby :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some autumn wishes

It's getting colder and colder everyday. You can think yourself to be a good meteorologist or even a predictor, as if you say it is going to be rainy tomorrow, it will certainly be )))even if there is some sunshine in the morning, it will be rainy the other part of the day, no other way! :)))

So I feel that it is fall now more and more. My wishlist is getting larger and larger,although it's already packed with fall'ish things.
I really need some black or burgundy boots. Oh, I want them to be a piece of my wardrobe so much! Another necessary accessory s a scarf.

These photos are taken from the Acne official site.
I have been looking for a scarf like this since last fall, by the way! Now I have to decide, what color I want it to be. I absolutely love all of them! :)
I also want two more big knitted scarves to keep myself warm,when walking with Lion in the park. And  several hats. But it is kind of a problem, as Alex (my husby) doesn't like some hats ( don't want him to hate anything in my wardrobe)))) )

As for the make up, I am thinking of getting some red-brown or burgundy lipstick/lipgloss. I have already tried to wear one of my dark lip glosses (it is a pretty dark color for me, as I prefer nudes or just a lip balm).And I felt comfortable!Hoping to find a perfect shade now :)
Here's how it looked like on me:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tortilla dinner =)

Yesterday we had a Tortilla dinner, which was very tasty. But it is not its only advantage though, it was easy to cook too!
We only needed Tortilla wraps , spice mix for chicken, chicken itself and other fillings of our choice.We decided tomatoes, cucumbers, iceberg salad and Thousands Islands souse to be them.
Firstly, I sliced the chicken breast into small pieces and fried it in a pan without using any oil,only some water (I just avoid frying with oil,when there is such a possibility), but I guess, some butter is usually used when frying chicken in the traditional Mexican cousine.
Then I wrapped everything together, with some  love♥ of course)))) and there it was - a delicious dinner with a minimum time spent!

before I wrapped it
almost done

Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse

As my face tends to be more fair than the rest of the body most of the time ,because of regular peeling and stuff, I decided to look for some self tanning cream for face. I have already tried some cheaper ones, but they were too oily/heavy for my skin.
This time I decided to try something new, and as I am totally in love with my Clarins skincare products, this was what I ordered.
It is a white cream ,with a very pleasant consistence, which has a rather pleasant smell ( but, unfortunately I still can feel the fake-tan smell too). I usually apply it to my face before going to bed. In the morning my skin is really soft, hydrated, little bit tanned and I look like I had a good rest!
This product is definitely worth buying!

I  have bought it  here :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Today in the morning we decided to have a small walk and visit the Isku store to have a look at some furniture and other stuff sold there. It was rather cold outside, the wind was freezing, but sunshine somehow saved the situation))
I fell in love with one of the sofas it is so gorgeous,isn't it? =) and with one of the cupboards. Those were just perfect in my opinion!
We don't need any furniture at the moment.But, may be, some day we will come back =)) Who knows))
Polo Jeans Co Ralph Lauren cardigan//H&M top//Abercrombie&Fitch plaid shirt//
Liu Jo jeans//Dinsko sneakers//
Juicy Couture bracelet//Tissot watch//

We also had a small walk in the evening in the park before we had a home made Tortilla dinner and watched our favorite Shrek-3 movie! I'll put some photos of our meal tomorrow =)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tuesday breakfast

I really like eating out sometimes, especially since our little cutie Lion has born and there is not so much time for that.
My husband and I prefer cosy restaurants and cafes to pompous ones. So we decided to have our little breakfast in the NOP cafe, which is a nice eco-friendly cafe + shop in Kadriorg.

Although the weather was dreary and rainy, we had a great time walking there, enjoying our meal and walking back home all three of us together! Besides, Lion, who is having a "teeth-growing" behavior issues (poor baby)at the moment, was in a pretty good mood that day, yay!
 I also got to know the pros of my new Colours of California wellies - I could easily walk wherever I wanted to (OK not everywhere,no dirt,mud  etc. for me, of course=))) ).It was kind of childish,but really fun,who cares))) 
Cosy and "feeling-like-home" interior

 eating tasty apple and caramel pancakes + Latte - Yum!That was very good! =)
 My manicure, I was inspired by one of the fall 2012 magazines
 My new wellies!
Burberry jacket// Abercrombie&Fitch denim shorts// D&G Lily Glam clutch bag//
 Colors of California boots//PepeJeans cardigan//