Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cretan Spa

After a pretty tiring flight and trip to Heraklion which were stressful I wanted to relax. So I decided to visit the hotel's Spa. Moreover,it was raining all day long and I couldn't enjoy sunbathing and swimming anyway.

I liked the Spa very much. There were only few people using it - no crowd, no stress.The atmosphere was relaxing and calm. First I had a Hammam ( but without scrubbing and etc, just hot steam), then enjoyed the thalasso jacuzzi and the salt watered thalasso pool. After those things I was ready for some massage.
The room was beautiful! And the massage was excellent! I had the anti stress back/shoulders/neck one. I usually have pains in these areas after stressful situations ( I always had those problems when studying in the university, so a lot of massages done :(  
After the treatment I felt so good, like I could fly! :)))
I also had a face massage and colored my lashes the other day. Those treatments were excellent too! :)

The room for facial treatments =)

The room I had the back massage in =)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Teddy bears and sweets :)

I LOVE teddy bears! I am a huge fan of these cute creatures! I used to buy a lot of them before, but now I only do it when going to another country or visiting some interesting events.

Today we attended an exhibition-fair Art Teddy Planet, which I wanted to attend sooo badly! :))) I didn't expect that many interesting things to be and to be sold there!
A sneak peek of me at the event: I was smiling as an idiot ( I guess)))) all the time there; I felt like I a child in the chocolate factory;I wanted almost every teddy bear to go home with me)) Omg,so childish))

All teddies and other toys were handmade and so amazing!there were even teddies made of mink and decorated with Swarovski crystals - just mind blowing beauty! The white one will be on my wish list from now on!
I didn't know what to choose! But decided to buy a bear which would be different from the others I already have :)

I also had my nails done today, and they are chocolate colored now))) So you can tell I have a sweet tooth straight away when you see me :)))

right to the wish list =)))
The Teddy I bought!Love it so much!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Italian dinner

Next we had the Italian restaurant waiting for us to come =)
Alex had a pizza,which had been cooked in a very interesting way(at least we have never seen a pizza looking like that), but it was delicious!super delicious!I had a risotto with mushrooms and truffle oil, which was tasty as well.
Lion was in a "walkish-cryish-badish" mood))) So, Alex didn't have any dessert. And this is very sad as my tiramisu was fab!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Asian evening

There were several a la carte restaurants in our hotel.
First we went to the Cretan tavern, which was very nice and cosy. We had a good lunch there, but our sweet Lion was not so sweet that day))) So no good photos from the Cretan lunch.

Next we had a dinner at the Asian restaurant, which was absolutely fab! My husby and I really like everything what's Asian))) And our dinner was not an exception. Everything was very tasty!
Lindex top//Just Cavalli  silk trousers//Guess heels//Zara necklace//Roberta Gandolfi bag

 I had a salad as a starter and a duck for the main dish. Alex had pork for the main dish and icecream for the dessert.  Yum!We liked every single dish! =)

Monday, October 22, 2012


Another town we visited in Greece was Heraklion/Iraklion. OK not town,but city.)))
It is the largest city on the island.Moreover, it is the administrative capital of the island of Crete.

My first impression of it was - hot and heavy traffic: cars,motorcycles everywhere.And no one, NO ONE did give us a way when we were trying to cross the street using the "zebra" pedestrian crossing with a toddler in the stroller!So rude! =(

First we went to the Venetian harbor to see the Venetian fortress of Koules,Rocca al Mare - "Sea Fortress" (we have a large shopping mall called Rocca al Mare in Tallinn, by the way)))))
It was very beautiful and we liked the view of the city from the harbor a lot! Such an amazing feeling - being able to walk near the fortress built in 1523!

Then we decided to go to the city.
Our first stop was Doctor Fish Foot Spa Therapy, that I really wanted to visit when looking for things-to-do in Heraklion while planning our holidays. So sad we didn't have much time (Lion had to have a sleep at about 2-3 p.m.), so I only had 15 minutes of fish spa to enjoy. But it was fun!Believe it or not, I'm scared of fish and when they started to have their "meal" I wanted to run away))) On the one of the walls there was an inscription saying:"for once You're the fish food" hahaha)))) Lion  liked watching those fishies too))

Then we had a yummy stop at the Starbucks. I had a wonderful caramel Frappuccino and a cheesecake and my husby had some kind of Frappuccino as well( he didn't want a dessert as he was planning to have some Ben&Jerry's icecream)))))). That was the best coffee drink I've ever tried in my life so far!!! Yes, we do not have any Starbucks in our home town (don't know why, considering the idea of writing someone a letter with a request to bring it to our country).I also bought a tumbler cup there.

Soon we entered the Lions Square with a beautiful fountain The Fontana Morosini - crowded and lively, its is said to be one of the busiest part of Heraklion and never quite . We took a picture with our little Lion on the Lions Square)))

Then we had very little time left for shopping!We only visited Oysho,Gap and Zara. It's always a "lack of time" situation when going somewhere with a baby)))

Over all,we had a great time in Heraklion!I'd go there again any day)))

Raffaello Bettini hat//Tommy Hilfiger top//Abercrombie denim shorts//
Louis Vuitton Palermo bag//Monton sandals//