Tuesday, October 16, 2012

...and something about our hotel

As it was our very first flight together with baby Lion we were really worried about how it will last. But very interested too! :)
We arrived to the hotel- Mitsis Laguna Exclusive Resort and Spa at approximately 11.30 in the morning. The lobby looked so beautiful, we were given damp scented towels to refresh ourselves -that was so spot on by the way))
Then we had a great meal in the main restaurant,checked some of the hotel grounds,had a shower and a power nap.
In the evening we were ready for some dinner and a big walk around, during which we totally fell in love with our hotel! It wasn't that big, but still very nice,clean and beautiful!
Here are some pics of the hotel and our room.
We had a family room on the first floor facing the pool. It was spacious with two zones(I will show that later). The interior was as much comfortable for me as possible!It was 100% me! That means 100% happy and relaxed me =)))) That means happy and relaxed husband of mine =))))

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