Friday, October 19, 2012

A walk to Chersonissos

Chersonissos/Hersonissos is a small harbor town situated not so far from Laguna hotel. We did'n want to go there by bus or taxi, but wanted to have a small walk and see some Cretan sights.

We went there without a map or even a sneak peek of it for the first time.That was kinda silly of us, have to admit))) but my intuition helped us out a bit in the beginning and we did choose a right way,but after one misunderstanding (we asked some guy if we were going right) we thought we had taken the wrong turn. So no Chersonissos for us that day))))

On our second journey we went the same way,but I had checked the map before that, so after about 50 minutes we finally reached the town! :) Yay!
We were walking and watching beautiful Cretan sights and gorgeous sea all the way there! It was rather tiring though(lots of hills and a toddler in the stroller- this can't be called the best combo ever, I'd say))))

On our way home we did take a taxi,it was too dark for a walk :)

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