Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cretan Spa

After a pretty tiring flight and trip to Heraklion which were stressful I wanted to relax. So I decided to visit the hotel's Spa. Moreover,it was raining all day long and I couldn't enjoy sunbathing and swimming anyway.

I liked the Spa very much. There were only few people using it - no crowd, no stress.The atmosphere was relaxing and calm. First I had a Hammam ( but without scrubbing and etc, just hot steam), then enjoyed the thalasso jacuzzi and the salt watered thalasso pool. After those things I was ready for some massage.
The room was beautiful! And the massage was excellent! I had the anti stress back/shoulders/neck one. I usually have pains in these areas after stressful situations ( I always had those problems when studying in the university, so a lot of massages done :(  
After the treatment I felt so good, like I could fly! :)))
I also had a face massage and colored my lashes the other day. Those treatments were excellent too! :)

The room for facial treatments =)

The room I had the back massage in =)


  1. Я всегда мечтала побывать в спа))))Надеюсь когда-нибудь моя мечта осуществится)))

    1. В спа себя чувствуешь, как принцесса прям))) Мне такое время наедине со своими мыслями редко выдаётся))))
      Обязательно осуществится!!!Даже не сомневаюсь ни капелюсечки! =)