Sunday, October 28, 2012

Teddy bears and sweets :)

I LOVE teddy bears! I am a huge fan of these cute creatures! I used to buy a lot of them before, but now I only do it when going to another country or visiting some interesting events.

Today we attended an exhibition-fair Art Teddy Planet, which I wanted to attend sooo badly! :))) I didn't expect that many interesting things to be and to be sold there!
A sneak peek of me at the event: I was smiling as an idiot ( I guess)))) all the time there; I felt like I a child in the chocolate factory;I wanted almost every teddy bear to go home with me)) Omg,so childish))

All teddies and other toys were handmade and so amazing!there were even teddies made of mink and decorated with Swarovski crystals - just mind blowing beauty! The white one will be on my wish list from now on!
I didn't know what to choose! But decided to buy a bear which would be different from the others I already have :)

I also had my nails done today, and they are chocolate colored now))) So you can tell I have a sweet tooth straight away when you see me :)))

right to the wish list =)))
The Teddy I bought!Love it so much!!!


  1. Какие красивые медвежатами!Я бы половину из них себе бы домой утащила!)))Твой медвожоночек похож на аристократа,с таким воротничком ажурным)))

    1. Очень красивые! И милые и хорошенькие!!! =)
      Он был примерно,думаю, так и задуман))Вокруг были в таком стиле все игрушки, а мастер,что его делала, занимается вообще куклами, которые были очень очень красивые, но я их жутко боюсь))))