Friday, January 25, 2013

Little walk by the sea

On Monday we decided to have a little walk by the sea instead of walking in our park or near our home. Unfortunately, the weather was extremely cold because of the strong freezing wind. But still we managed to walk a bit, make some photos and see the swans, which were very beautiful!Lion liked them a lot. They were lying legs into feathers trying to stay warm, poor creatures =( We didn't take any pics of them as our camera had run out of space before we reached them (yep, that's so me, these things always happen with our family).

cold wind)))

Acne Canada grey scarf//Burberry wool coat//Mulberry Alexa oversized bag

Monday, January 21, 2013

My presents

I have planned to make a post about our Christmas decorations, but it is already too late,I guess :))) At least, I'm kinda tired of winter and everything connected to it and am really looking forward to spring time now :)
But I will show some Christmas and NY's presents I got this year,though. Not everything, don't want to brag :))))) Or is it the last year now? ;)

Burberry's beautiful package =)

My mum knew I had been dreaming about a Burberry wool coat for a while now and suggested going with her to the Burberry boutique in Tallinn to find something for me. But they had a big problem with the sizes - no sized 4 coats,only one coat sized 6.
So we decided to order it from the official e-store. First, we bought it in size 6, but it turned out to be too big for me, then we ordered the size 4, and I ended having two similar coats one day :))))))
Of course, I did return the bigger one :)
Here is the size 4 one

I love the coat, it is perfect in my opinion. It is rather warm and very comfortable too. Besides,all my Burberry outwear fit me so good,love it!
Here how it looks on:

Burberry Brit wool coat//ASOS jumper//Swarovski necklace//LV speedy bag//LV watch
And here are some of the other presents:
The Academie make up bag, which I absolutely love! It also smells very good inside :))))),by the way, as it had some beauty products in it ( Academie products has a gorgeous  smell!).

Silver make up bag,Academie
Here are some sweet presents -we got 3 huge Kinder chocolate eggs(the mug is pretty big, so you can see how big the egg is,compered to it) mmmm, so good :)))

Friday, January 4, 2013

White Christmas =)

We are feeling better now. Still coughing though, but no temperature.
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve, which we spent with mine and Alex's parents all together. We had some good food (kinkku,salads,sauerkraut,potatoes) and glogi. I also made some gingerbread cookies all by my self for the first time! Yay! But mum's cat wasn't as happy as we were (he doesn't like people gathering in "his" house and having fun =))) ).
There is not so much to talk about, just a nice family evening.
Here are some photos

I was wearing a shirt-dress from ASOS and a velvet belt - my grandma gave it to me, she used to wear it with her velvet dress, the dress itself is too large for me =(( the ring was a gift from Alex's mum some time ago,love it!

ASOS shirt dress

Dior Diorlight necklace
The Dior thing used to be a lip gloss back in 2007 =) I use it as a necklace now.
 And here are some of the cookies I made! They were very tasty (not that modest of me,huh?)))

Piparkoogid//piparkakku//gingerbread cookies

Christmas morning!

drinking tea and eating gingerbread cookies =)