Friday, January 25, 2013

Little walk by the sea

On Monday we decided to have a little walk by the sea instead of walking in our park or near our home. Unfortunately, the weather was extremely cold because of the strong freezing wind. But still we managed to walk a bit, make some photos and see the swans, which were very beautiful!Lion liked them a lot. They were lying legs into feathers trying to stay warm, poor creatures =( We didn't take any pics of them as our camera had run out of space before we reached them (yep, that's so me, these things always happen with our family).

cold wind)))

Acne Canada grey scarf//Burberry wool coat//Mulberry Alexa oversized bag


  1. Какая ты красивая,Сашуль!!)))
    И пальто это,так тебе идет, просто класс!)))

    1. Только что заметила коммент)))) спасибо большое,Яночка! :***