Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Marni love is red

First I was planning to buy an AWang bag, but it meant ordering from the USA:customs, duties,taxes - all that time+money consuming things :( I wasn't sure if I wanted it that much, so I also looked through lots of other online stores and boutiques to find something I liked better. There were many nice bags, but nothing that I could fall in love with.
One day I was looking through my stuff and saw Marni sunglasses//Oh how I want to wear them as soon as possible! ( I want summer soooo much)// and thought to myself:"why don't I check their website?"
First my husband and I really liked their beautiful bag from summer collection, which is absolutely incredible! He even liked it more than I did :))) But then I decided to check their FW2012 bags and there it was...the bag I fell in love with!I watched their show through youtube for so many times, I couldn't take my eyes off of it! But Alex didn't like it that much :( I needed some time to decide,cause I hate it when he doesn't like things I wear, not the best feeling ever... :(

So I had been thinking about all this situation for several days, till one night I realized that while I was deciding, someone else could had decided faster and I wouldn't ever be able to have that bag. I couldn't even sleep well and in the morning I made a purchase :)))

My beautiful Marni bag!

The story is huge, but I am so happy I decided to buy it! =)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My mood savers when ill =)

While I was ill again( yay, so much fun), nothing really interesting was happening. I tried to keep myself  as far as I could from our little Lion. That means, no hugs, no kisses, no anything :(
But some pleasant things still happened.
Here are my mood savers:
1) I got this beautiful hat, the color is so wonderful,bright and joyful! Love it very much! And it was bought from a sale, more than 50% off. :D

2) My hair. It is getting more and more blonde now :))) Love my hairstylist, she always helps me out and understands me so well :)

ash blonde highlights

3) My nails. I had my manicure done while I was sitting with a running nose, in the special mask. Not comfortable at all I'd tell you :))) But I'm so happy with the result! I was really inspired by the 2013 spring nail trend. I saw some pictures from the Behnaz Sarafpour show and decided I certainly want a glitter french manicure with the translucent base. :)

Glitter french manicure