Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our usual cretan daily routine :)))

We usually got up in 8-9 o'clock in the morning and had breakfast. My faves were pancakes with chocolate,cherry jam and delicious Greek yogurt. Sooo yummy! :)
Then we had some free time, I usually enjoyed the sun and the swimming pool, boys enjoyed the swings,slides,cats,dogs and watching lawn-mowers do their job( Lion could just sit for hours staring at them for some reason)))
After that we usually had fun on the beach, playing with sand and swimming in the gorgeous,crystal clear sea water!Oh, it was such a pleasure!

Then we had lunch, Lion had lunch and some mummy's milk and went to bed. And I had a sunbed and the swimming pool waiting for me out there :)

In the evenings we usually walked a lot, had dinner,ate ice cream in the creperie bar or enjoyed a non alcoholic cocktail in the all day bar, had fun in the kids' mini-disco and sometimes watched the animation team show. How I miss those evenings now!
Here are some photos.

tasty waffles,creperie bar

purr cute cats!
The view from our terrace

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