Monday, October 15, 2012

In Love with beautiful Crete!

Yesterday we came back home from the paradise island - Crete.

It was so sad to leave, the only thing which cheered me up was a VS body mist, which I bough in the airport ( we don't have anything from VS in Estonia, and the first thing I noticed when entering the tax free zone was a beauty shop with VS corner)))) )
When departing we still enjoyed +26 and got shocked when arriving to the autumn with its +6 :(
No sun, no smiles,no warm sea...

We liked Crete very much, mostly because of kind and friendly people, as it is a very rear thing to find nowadays! They were always smiling, laughing, making jokes, playing with our little Lion, always ready to help and to have a small nice chat! Besides, we made many friends in the hotel itself with personnel,animators and other tourists from the UK, who were really nice, polite and kind too! I wish we could stay there longer! :)
We stayed for 10 nights, so I'm planning to make several posts about our holidays here in blogspot.
But now, I have to unpack(I hate doing this so much)))) and to have some rest after our tiring flight (it wasn't that easy because of our baby Lion)))

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