Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some autumn wishes

It's getting colder and colder everyday. You can think yourself to be a good meteorologist or even a predictor, as if you say it is going to be rainy tomorrow, it will certainly be )))even if there is some sunshine in the morning, it will be rainy the other part of the day, no other way! :)))

So I feel that it is fall now more and more. My wishlist is getting larger and larger,although it's already packed with fall'ish things.
I really need some black or burgundy boots. Oh, I want them to be a piece of my wardrobe so much! Another necessary accessory s a scarf.

These photos are taken from the Acne official site.
I have been looking for a scarf like this since last fall, by the way! Now I have to decide, what color I want it to be. I absolutely love all of them! :)
I also want two more big knitted scarves to keep myself warm,when walking with Lion in the park. And  several hats. But it is kind of a problem, as Alex (my husby) doesn't like some hats ( don't want him to hate anything in my wardrobe)))) )

As for the make up, I am thinking of getting some red-brown or burgundy lipstick/lipgloss. I have already tried to wear one of my dark lip glosses (it is a pretty dark color for me, as I prefer nudes or just a lip balm).And I felt comfortable!Hoping to find a perfect shade now :)
Here's how it looked like on me:

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