Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tuesday breakfast

I really like eating out sometimes, especially since our little cutie Lion has born and there is not so much time for that.
My husband and I prefer cosy restaurants and cafes to pompous ones. So we decided to have our little breakfast in the NOP cafe, which is a nice eco-friendly cafe + shop in Kadriorg.

Although the weather was dreary and rainy, we had a great time walking there, enjoying our meal and walking back home all three of us together! Besides, Lion, who is having a "teeth-growing" behavior issues (poor baby)at the moment, was in a pretty good mood that day, yay!
 I also got to know the pros of my new Colours of California wellies - I could easily walk wherever I wanted to (OK not everywhere,no dirt,mud  etc. for me, of course=))) ).It was kind of childish,but really fun,who cares))) 
Cosy and "feeling-like-home" interior

 eating tasty apple and caramel pancakes + Latte - Yum!That was very good! =)
 My manicure, I was inspired by one of the fall 2012 magazines
 My new wellies!
Burberry jacket// Abercrombie&Fitch denim shorts// D&G Lily Glam clutch bag//
 Colors of California boots//PepeJeans cardigan//

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