Sunday, September 23, 2012


Today in the morning we decided to have a small walk and visit the Isku store to have a look at some furniture and other stuff sold there. It was rather cold outside, the wind was freezing, but sunshine somehow saved the situation))
I fell in love with one of the sofas it is so gorgeous,isn't it? =) and with one of the cupboards. Those were just perfect in my opinion!
We don't need any furniture at the moment.But, may be, some day we will come back =)) Who knows))
Polo Jeans Co Ralph Lauren cardigan//H&M top//Abercrombie&Fitch plaid shirt//
Liu Jo jeans//Dinsko sneakers//
Juicy Couture bracelet//Tissot watch//

We also had a small walk in the evening in the park before we had a home made Tortilla dinner and watched our favorite Shrek-3 movie! I'll put some photos of our meal tomorrow =)

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