Monday, September 24, 2012

Tortilla dinner =)

Yesterday we had a Tortilla dinner, which was very tasty. But it is not its only advantage though, it was easy to cook too!
We only needed Tortilla wraps , spice mix for chicken, chicken itself and other fillings of our choice.We decided tomatoes, cucumbers, iceberg salad and Thousands Islands souse to be them.
Firstly, I sliced the chicken breast into small pieces and fried it in a pan without using any oil,only some water (I just avoid frying with oil,when there is such a possibility), but I guess, some butter is usually used when frying chicken in the traditional Mexican cousine.
Then I wrapped everything together, with some  love♥ of course)))) and there it was - a delicious dinner with a minimum time spent!

before I wrapped it
almost done

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