Monday, November 12, 2012

Cretan shopping

When planning our holidays we checked what we should look for in Greece through internet and by asking relatives as well. And a lot of people were really satisfied with products made with the usage of the olive oil. This oil has been a trusted skin care ingredient since ancient times and has been used as a common folk beauty product for ages and ages. Besides, it doesn't clog pores. So I was really interested in buying and trying some skin care products.
In our hotel I fell in love with the Olivia shower gel, which was given in a mini version. So I bought it in a full size in the local store. Love it very much! I also decided to try Olivia body oil. And it turned out to be the best product ever! So good! The only bad thing is that I only bought one bottle! Very stupid of me =(
mini Olivia products in out hotel
the products I bought (the face Olivelia cream is for my mum by the way, she absolutely loves it!)
 And that is how I like using the oil - with a little companion Victoria's Secret Body Mist, that has an incredible scent! Just LOVE the way they feel and smell on me together! =)
♥ Olivia body oil and Victoria's Secret body mist Secret Charm 
I also bought lots of soap bars for myself and as a souvenirs, but didn't make a photo of them for some reason)))))

And here are some other things bought in Heraklion from Zara, Oysho (how I wish we had that store here in Estonia!) and GAP baby.
OYSHO PJ set with Snoopy and my cute warm home socks
Lion's new GAP sweater with the little bear on it -so cute!

Lion's cool jacket =)
And some clothes for me too =)


  1. Мне кажется косметика на оливе просто превосходна!Но я только мылом пользовалась,но какое же оно мягкое,заметно отличается от других)))
    Мне так нравятся всякие домашние штучки в ойшо,но у нас такие цены в этом магазине... :((((

    1. Очень классная!Мне понравилось всё всё! Думаю теперь, что буду делать,когда закончится...
      Да, мыло совсем не сушит, даже намёка нет,очень хорошее =)
      Цены,конечно,большие в Ойшо...думаю, везде одинаковые, единственное, мама,когда была в Питере, видела вещи со скидками хорошими, но с размерами был напряг =(