Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas shopping!

We are having a small Christmas tree this year again. Our big tree's decorations are too big,so ,although we already have some beautiful stuff from the last year (when we also had a small tree), we decided to buy some more new ones! =)
Sleepy me, talking some stuff again =)))
I was looking for some dainty decorations that day. And we ended up with buying these:

Cutie bear! Couldn't resist buying it!

Little birdies

Little snowflake from the back

...and from the front

the white birdie has a broken beak and the gold one a broken tail, poor things =( but they have their new home now! =)

After our little shopping we had a nice breakfast in the Reval cafe.I had a chicken wrap, Alex had some chocolate cake and Lion had a simple little bun. It was snowing hard outside, so it was so good to sit near the window and watch the snow falling, while enjoying our meal. It felt cosy! =)

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