Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas market

Merry Christmas!
On Friday we decided to have a small morning walk in the Old town and visit the Christmas market. It was freezing outside, really cold! So our walk turned out to be very fast. Lion liked reindeer so much! They were very cute, love these beautiful animals! 
Here are some pictures:

bidrie cutie

gorgeous reindeer! ♥
Tallin Town Hall Square

Global accessories hat//Louis Vuitton Speedy30 bag//mittens - gift from my grandpa =)
Versace JC jeans//Ugg Australia boots//

I was planning to upload some Christmas tree/decorations pictures too today, but Lion and me got totally sick =(
Now I am sitting/lying in my bed,eating fruit,gingerbread and almond cookies and feeling bad. 
But no complaining. Next time some more photos.
Happy holidays,everyone! =)

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