Thursday, January 9, 2014

Saaremaa Grand Rose SPA

The company where Alex works decided to make a very exciting corporate event - a Christmas trip (and Christmas dinner) to the biggest island of Estonia - Saaremaa this year.
We went there together,but without our little Lion, and had a pretty nice time relaxing,eating and sleeping(people who have kids will totally understand my joy about sleeping).
First we had an about two hours bus ride,then 30 minutes by ferry,then again one hour by bus, and there we were, at the Saaremaa's capital town Kuressaare, at the Grand Rose Hotel and SPA.
By the way,we have already visited it once three of us with Lion and had a great time back then.
Some pics of our room (I really love roses,especially beauty products which have rose aroma,so it was okay with me to see roses everywhere)

Getting ready for the SPA:pools,hot tubs,saunas and sweet cocktails -here I come!!!
This pic was a bathing suit pic, but sorry...I'm too shy =))))

And the SPA itself.
I had a fantastic time there, because I really love water,swimming,hot tubs and different types of saunas(there was an aroma sauna, a steam sauna, a hot dry sauna and e.t.c)! I also had a non-alcoholic strawberry bloody-Mary, which was very refreshing and tasty, while enjoying the hot tub =)

After the SPA we had a Christmas dinner, which consisted of 3 courses.
I only took a picture of the starter - beetroot,herring,bread. We also had a pork and a cheesecake for the main course and a dessert.
Getting ready
The way I looked

J&W silk top duo, Hugo Boss skirt, Burberry bag, Cesare Paciotti heels
And I really do play the piano =)
Later I didn't go to any club or bar,as many others did,as I was really tired because of the road,SPA and the dinner (it was about 3 hours long!!!) and preferred a soft and lovely bed instead ♥ 
Not that I like clubs anyway =)))))))
In the morning I had a treatment with a rose oil (yummmmm,loooove the way skin smells after that),then breakfast and a small walk in the Kuressaare town.

Happy not to cook the breakfast myself  =)))))

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