Tuesday, January 21, 2014

not so white Christmas

This Christmas I was ill again. But still we had a nice evening on the Christmas eve together with the whole family.
Because of my illness I wasn't able to make the pastry myself, as I had planned to, but still, ginger biscuits turned out to be tasty and pretty =)

our little Christmas tree

the baking process and the result =)

D&G silk cami top,
Hugo Boss silk skirt,
DKNY Cosy wrap cardigan,
Hogl heels

our lovely cat Chief =) he is such a sweetheart!

our little Lion ♥ likes winter,snow and Christmas =)

mom's Christmas tree
We had a wonderful Christmas morning, but there was something really important missing...a snow! No snow during the holidays at all this year! Only some showers...That wasn't a good surprise, to be honest, as people do expect some snow in winter and especially on Christmas eve =(

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