Saturday, June 1, 2013

Haapsalu Kuursaal, restaurant

After a power nap in our room we decided to have some dinner in the marvelous restaurant Kuursaali Suvekohvik located in the Haapsalu Kuursaal. 
The building and the promenade were absolutely stunning! I was so amazed, couldn't take my eyes off them!
I found a very interesting information concerning the building and the restaurant from the Kuursaali Suvekohvik website: HERE

[]....During the czarist period, a number of resorts that were most popular among St Petersburg high society were located in Estonia and Haapsalu was gaining appreciation.
Although resorts were curing places by their name they mainly encompassed recreational establishments beginning from cafés to bandstands and bowling alleys. One of the most important buildings was a kuursaal (a resort hall).[]

[]...Haapsalu Kuursaal, designed by Architect Knüpffer in 1897 is a light and lacy, spectacular historicist wooden building. The building comprises a gable-roof hall, which reaches through two floors, and a partially boarded up gallery around it.
Kuursaal is the only resort hall in Estonia, which has been preserved in its original form.[]

Looks like nothing has ever been changed there!

amazing sea view! My boys watching seagulls =)

And the food was great too!

The main axis of resort life in Haapsalu, where even the members of the Russian Imperial Family used to spend the summer since the second half of the 19th century was the nearly one-kilometre-long Great Promenade, which linked a resort hall, various drink and music pavilions and reading maisonettes.
I will show some outfit pictures made when walking at the promenade in the next post.

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