Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our little trip to Haapsalu

Haapsalu is a small beautiful seaside town in Estonia formed in 1279.
It was very popular among Russia's elite during the Czarist era because of its warm sea water, curative mud,fresh air and picturesque narrow streets leading to the sea. I love the peaceful,romantic and even aristocratic atmosphere that wooden houses built in the early 20-th century bring! I think those times were great and love the way people dressed back then!
The town reminds me of Naantali for some reason =)

I was very sleepy and with no make up the morning we arrived there =))))

Beautiful wooden houses

Little birdie

The Guesthouse we stayed in - Lahe Maja

Our sweet room!Sooo pretty!

We had a stunning garden+sea view! Totally loved it!

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