Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dior Diorskin Rosy Glow Blush (Healthy glow booster blush)

I have been planning to do the post about this product for a while now. For little less than a year,to be exact. Shame on me, as it is really wonderful and is worth writing about.
The description from the official page:
Rosy Glow reacts with the moisture in each skin type, giving a delicious and subtle blush to the cheeks. When applied, the initially fresh, light color develops into a rosy blush to suit each individual complexion, for an ultra-natural, tailor-made healthy glow that lasts all day.
My opinion:
Firstly, as soon as I opened the box and took the velvety pouch off I fell in love with the packaging! It is pretty and chic. And not only it is beautiful from the outside, it is beautiful inside! The color is fantastic, but a little bit scary because it looks so bright and vibrant while not on the skin.
Secondly, as soon as I tried it on, I fell in love again =)
The powder has a nice soft texture, so it melts on the skin, and the color is gentle as well, as it adapts to the skin and my cheeks look healthy and natural,with a hint of glow,just as my cheeks would look after a little power walk or sun. It just enhances the cheeks' color. To my mind, this is awesome! And it lasts the whole day, despite my bad habits -touching my face all the time, and kissing/huging beloved ones and friends. And cats,haha =))))
The scent is absolutely lovely in my opinion. 
Pictures with the different lighting:
P.S. I usually don't use the brush coming together with some blushes/powders, but not this time. I do like the brush, as it is soft,delicate and is great for working with the product!
Full make up look (eyes and brows too)

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